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Donation policy: The donor agrees to allow OnePlusGod Ministries to apply donations to ministry in a way that would make the most difference to the best of the knowledge and insight of OnePlusGod Ministries. OnePlusGod Ministries will continuously be in prayer and seek the Lord's face on where to sow the seed received in such a way as to make the greatest impact to the glory of our Lord. I understand and agree that my donation will not be refunded for any reason. If due to changed circumstances it is impracticable to carry out the intended purpose of my donation, I understand and agree that my donation will be used by OnePlusGod Ministries, Inc. for charitable purposes that are as near as possible to the original purpose. I also understand and agree that it is the current policy of OnePlusGod Ministries to accept only financial donations. Should any potential donor wish to give something other than a financial donation, please contact the Director of OnePlusGod. Prior approval of the Board of Directors of OnePlusGod will be required before any non-financial donation could be accepted. I also understand and agree that an amount not to exceed 10% of my donation may be withheld by OnePlusGod Ministries, in its sole discretion and judgment, to help defray administrative expenses incurred by the organization. I agree to the terms of the Donation Policy of OnePlusGod Ministries.

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